Why Me

Kelly Financial Planning is an independent, Fee-Only financial planning and advisory firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio. As owner, I do not sell securities or financial products, and I do not receive commissions from mutual fund companies, brokerage firms or any other third-party. My advice is customized specifically for you and delivered to serve only your best interest. You pay by the hour or the project for the advice that you receive. I focus intensely on providing superior service and meeting the needs of my clients.


Because I have no minimum net worth or income requirements, I am able to serve people from all walks of life. Clients determine the scope of services needed and are able to receive professional, competent and objective advice and work with someone they can trust. If this sounds like Kelly Financial Planning is a good fit for you, and you want a customized plan, contact me to schedule a complimentary, no obligation “Get Acquainted” session today.  

“It’s not where you’ve been; it’s where you’re going that counts.” –Ella Fitzgerald