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Model Top Leaders - Begin and End Each Day in a Meaningful Way

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Personal growth and bedtime routines are not reserved only for CEOs or top leaders of organizations. We can all make a decision to take consistent action and utilize our time in a way that brings personal and professional growth with less stress and increased peace of mind.

What routines do you have at bedtime or when you first begin your day? If you don’t currently have any, now is a great time to set a goal for 2022 focused on developing a healthy routine. Consider the many choices that you can make to begin or wind down each day in a way that will allow you to focus and relax while developing yourself at the same time.

Here are a few things that are part of bedtime routines for CEOs and other great leaders. You can also incorporate them to begin and end each day. 


This quote by Harry S. Truman sums it up quite nicely, “Not All Readers Are Leaders, But All Leaders Are Readers”. If you are not investing time on a daily basis in reading, you may be missing out. If a person reads just one page a day of the book(s) of their choice, within a year they will have read 365 pages - which could be multiple books. 

Pray and Meditate

Spending time in prayer and silence is a wonderful way to clear your mind and reflect on what matters most to you. Performed separately or in combination, they will allow you to relax your mind and ‘center’ in a way that positively impacts your spiritual and mental health. Consistent action in this area can lead to an increased sense of peace.

Relax with Family

We are relational beings. Spending quality time with family is time well spent. You are provided the opportunity to let down your guard, relax and deepen these key relationships. Whatever you do, find a way to be present and value each moment whether this is at the beginning and/or end of your day. Tune out the noise and pressures of the day and focus on those you love. 

These are just a few of the habits employed by CEOs and top leaders; and these routines are not reserved only for top leaders. They can be employed by each of us regardless of the roles that we play. Select one or all of them or come up with your own and integrate them into your life. Invest in yourself in an intentional way. By devoting 10 minutes each day to your development, you will experience over 60 hours of improvement each year.

Make 2022 the best year ever as you invest your time in ways that pay dividends in life and at work. You will be better able to serve the people you love and lead. Build great habits that help with personal growth and living a meaningful life.

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