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5 Tips for Improving Company Culture and Boosting Productivity

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Company culture and productivity often go hand-in-hand. The more conducive your company is to your employees’ overall wellbeing, the higher their productivity.

As a business owner or corporate executive, modeling a performance-driven, cut-throat company culture leads to a higher chance of your employees becoming discouraged and “phoning it in.”

Alternatively, learning to model transparency and collaboration encourages innovation and employee satisfaction. 

If you’re thinking of improving your corporate culture, here are five tips: 


Simply being there and ensuring employees’ voices are heard can go a long way. You want your employees to know their opinions are just as important as the opinion of the CEO. 

Encourage them to share their viewpoints and implement their best suggestions. In addition, make sure your employees know you are available to them. Let them know they can come to you whenever they have a question or concern.

Be transparent

One of the most irritating experiences at work is not knowing what’s happening, or feeling “out of the loop.” It’s simply human nature to want to know what’s going on. We are information seekers. This characteristic can often become even more prevalent in the workplace. It makes sense; employees want to know their job is secure. As a manager, this can mean the more transparent you are, the more your employees will trust you. 

From the corporate level to functional teams, let your employees know when changes are coming. According to Hubspot, 50 percent of employees say bosses sharing information and data has a significantly positive impact on productivity and motivation.

A great way to facilitate this transparency is to hold biweekly or monthly meetings to keep everyone informed.

Give Rewards

We all like gifts, and giving rewards to your employees can have a positive effect on company culture. Incentives drive us to work harder. When employees see that extra effort is seen and recognized they are more motivated and productive. The rewards can be anything, from gift cards to homemade treats.  

Rather than pitting employees against each other, create programs where the whole team can win together if they all pitch in, or where everyone who achieves x gets y, without there being a limit of how many people can earn the reward.

Remove Obstacles

As a leader, one of the most impactful things you can do to improve your workplace culture is go out of your way to help your employees solve problems. By removing obstacles to their success, you are letting them know they are not alone. This will lead to a culture of collaboration and teamwork. By stepping in when there is an obstacle, you will be viewed as more caring, empathetic and charismatic. 

You may even start a cycle where your help encourages employees to help each other when difficulties arise. 

Encourage Collaboration

There are pros and cons of the collaborative work environment, but in general, working together boosts productivity and creates a better culture. A study conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity found that companies with a collaborative culture are 5.5 times more likely to be high-performing than companies without this environment. 

One easy way to encourage collaboration is to offer team vs. individual assignments. 

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